The computer system in your gauge might be old or obsolete, but the frame and sensors are not. RSI offers upgrade solutions to recycle your existing x-ray and isotope thickness and coating gauges including DMC, Radiometrie, I2S, Loral, Weston, Boyle Controls, AccuRay, Eberline, IRM/NDC, and Thermo Fisher.

To benefit from newer technologies and keep costs at a minimum, an upgrade package from RSI will make your aging thickness or coating gauge perform even better than when it was brand new.  RSI upgrade packages offer faster measurement speeds, network connectivity, improved event logging and diagnostic capabilities for a fraction of the price of a new gauge.  Most upgrades are completed in a few days, reducing the costly downtime associated with the installation of new gauging systems with minimal installation cost.

A typical upgrade requires only the installation of a new Main Electronic Cabinet and an optional remote operator panel. RSI upgrade packages re-use existing radiation sources and measuring frames, and can often re-use or upgrade existing detector units, reducing the cost of new spare parts inventories.  Our hardware and software are designed to minimize future obsolescence issues; and we back everything up with a 10-year support guarantee.

The Main Electronic Cabinet includes an LCD touchscreen color display for technician or operator use, plus a high-speed processor.  A flash drive, 16-bit analog-to-digital channels and 48 channels of configurable digital inputs and outputs insure reliable and accurate measurements.  Ethernet, Profibus, OPC or Serial Connections are available, permitting seamless integration into your existing mill automation system.

All power supplies are protected by circuit breakers and are monitored and alarmed for malfunctions.  All wiring and terminal blocks associated with the power supplies are color-coded throughout the system for ease of troubleshooting.  Alarm logs and history files facilitate troubleshooting of events.

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